2014 APEC北京年會廣告形象設計



In collaboration with the annual gathering of “Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation” held in Beijing, China in 2014, we wish to design advertisements capable of fully demonstrating Taiwan’s positive images and outstanding economy and trade strength via the design power of our professional team, thereby effectively winning the trust and support of the various members through exposure on various international media channels.

The upward sprinting symbolizes APEC’s constant power to advance forward, while the colored ribbons extended from the various nations together with the golden arrow demonstrate Taiwan’s outstanding accomplishment and economic strength, jointly forming an integrated power advancing forward, accentuating that Taiwan is a dependable partner together which the various nations can strive. At last, the elastic band with indigenous people’s totems is added to surround the product, symbolizing Taiwan features the strength to develop diversified cultures.

What we did

  • Visual