Jascaffe is a professional coffee consulting firm in Shanghai and it won the China-wide most influential coffee brand in 2012. As the biggest coffee system provider in China, it is specialized in professional coffee equipment setup for coffee shops and staff knowledge training in coffee, tea and all kinds of beverages.

In 2015, Jascaffe’s exhibition designed at HOTELEX Shanghai was very eye – catchy due to the spacious venue. With large and hollow cylinders hanging on the ceiling printed with the coffee master’s laid back and decent illustration, it made beverage making look like a show and the exhibition was like a stage. The whole exhibition venue still follows the brand’s design, for example, Tian-Qing Yong as contemporary Eastern style, Jas’Bleu as modern style. The overall integration was graceful and at the same time very eye – catchy. It was a stage specially made for Jascaffe to have a taste of beverage and experience the art of coffee.



What we did

  • 品牌形象塑造
  • 展覽設計