A Talk with Taiwan Design

台灣創意設計中心為台灣創意設計發展的國家級整合平台,舉辦台灣好樣機場展的用意,是展出富含濃厚  台灣概念的經典設計得獎作品,讓國際旅客更易瞭解台灣文化與台灣設計的軟實力。



Taiwan Design Center is the national grade integrated platform for the development of Taiwan’s design. The purpose of holding the event A Talk With Taiwan Design was to show the classical awarded designs of Taiwan which is rich in strong Taiwanese concept, making the international tourists to know easily understand Taiwan’s culture and soft power of design.

We were inspired by the shape of Taiwanese temple and traditions. Therefore, the main visual of the exhibition venue was based on the theme of “moon blocks” and “sacred lot”. Both of them were subtly applied on the decoration. The form of “sacred lot” is applied in the logo of the brand. “Great blessing” is used as the symbol of auspiciousness, indicating that the design industry of Taiwan is strong and powerful and is able to enter the international arena.

The flow of the event followed sequence of the characters entering and leaving the stage in the temple. Chairs in the form of the both sides of the “moon blocks” was placed in the middle of the venue. Both sides were made of different materials, giving the visitors different feelings in both sensation and visual. It also delivers the meaning that the “moon blocks” is auspicious. 

What we did

  • Visual
  • Space