FUUN 3.0分錢包 品牌產品識別設計

与熊設計(IDEOXO)是与熊設計有限公司(ideoso Design Consultancy Inc.)的實驗性設計品牌,希望以試驗性的手法來探討設計、生活、人類與土地之間的關係,我們喜歡從人的情感與心理感知的角度來試驗設計,而不只是以人因工程的角度來看待產品設計。


Ideoxo is the experimental design of Ideoso Design Consultancy Inc. We hope to research the relationship between design, life, human beings, and lands through experiments. Instead of viewing the design of products by sole ergonomics, we like to test our designs from the degree of human’s feelings and psychological perception.

“FUUN” is a Taiwanese dialect pronunciation, meaning “opening resources, smart diversion.” The birth of subwallet makes collecting money an elegant hand gesture. When the bills and coins are put into the subwallet, the coins will slip into the lower change pocket, smartly separated from the bills. The subwallet can be folded into a short wallet, convenient for carry. It can hold up to 8 (credit) cards. Of the two inner layers, one is segregate from the coin pocket, making money in and out easy and practical. The subwallet offers you a smart no-leaking money storage, and brings you efficient money handling. The dark blue denim style collocated with the khaki chamois, and the light blue denim collocated with light grey chamois, are respectively adorned with saturated green and red lining, exuding a sense of layers in the overall collocation.


What we did

  • Branding
  • Product