Joyoung Co., Ltd is renowned in the market of home appliances because of the self-developed soy milk maker. It is the top 3 brand of home appliances in China, the 1st brand of soy bean maker in this globe, and active in expanding the market of kitchenware. We have carried out a design for its new sub brand for the purpose of entering the infants industry.

By using Joyoung+Baby as the name of the brand, it creates the sub brand “JOYBABY”. Joy represents a happy and healthy growing stage. It delivers the feeling of warmth and blissfulness by using the characteristics of friendliness and cuteness for the packaging of the brand. The logo of the brand is the behavior of the infants in the cycle. It presents the careful protection given by the pregnant women to the baby until they give born to the baby by using dynamic identification. Each of them represents every growing stage of the infants. Under the care of the mother and the interaction between the children and the parents, the children get to grow up healthily and safely.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Visual
  • Packaging