Lady Marian 品牌包裝識別設計


Lady Marian美魔力-優雅、關愛、勇敢、專業的品牌基因,來自彰化基督教醫院的“醫美科技”和福泰飯店集團的“服務精神”。以完善的全能思考,讓肌膚得到最妥善的照護。品牌識別結合字首L&M化成鑽石狀十字星芒,其構成的標誌具有璀璨明亮、醫療及基督教的含意。

Lady Marian品牌針對不同年齡及需求規出三大系列面膜:一為活潑多樣的LaForêt「漾」系列,適合勇於嘗試的漾齡族群,包裝設計展現年輕甜美。二為Beauté「潤」系列,專為繁忙的現代女性解決乾荒、老化等環境因素所造成的肌膚問題,包裝形象現代優雅。三為Bioté「極」系列,是專為敏脆弱型肌膚所量身打造的高效完美面膜,包裝形象專業呵護。

Backed with the technology of aesthetic medicine of Changhua Christian Hospital and the perfect service of Forte Hotel Group, Gee Tai Health Products, Ltd is proactive in researching and developing the professional cosmetic products. In 2012, we developed a unique brand, and we had a sale of the road of the hotel aiming at tourists and the group of people who cares about their face.

Lady Marian – An elegant, caring, courageous, and professional brand coming from the “technology of aesthetic medicine” of Changhua Christian Hospital and the “spirit of service” of Forte Hotel Group. It allows your skin to get the best care based on a complete all-round way of thinking. The brand identity is the cross-shaped glints formed by the word L&M. The formation of the logo consists of the meaning of bright, medicine, and Christianity.

Lady Marian has categorized three series of facial masks based on different ages and requirements: The first is the LaForêt series which is suitable for young people who are brave to give everything a try. The design of the packaging shows young and beauty. The second is the Beauté series aimed at solving the skin problems of dryness, aging, and so on of modern women which are caused by environmental factors. The packaging shows elegance. The third is the Bioté series, an efficient and perfect facial mask designed for sensitive skin. The packaging is shows professionalism.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Visual
  • Packaging