LANTO 品牌包裝識別設計




Chi Shun Plastic Co was founded in 1979. It has unique experience in the industrial market of injection molding as well as the R&D and manufacturing of molds. However, under the changes of the competing environment, the second-generation entrepreneur combines the technique of plastic component’s OEM and wants to starts its own brand.

We think that home is the most important place in the life of the founder of Chin Shun Plastic Co who started his own business. In order to completely present the spirit of the brand, “Lanto” was born by using the pronunciation of “our home” in Taiwanese language as the concept. Meanwhile, Lanto means slow and comfortable life in Spanish, symbolizing the free and comfortable life at home.

In the design of the brand’s logo, there is the design of swallows’ tails which is the specialty of Eastern traditional buildings, adequately conveys the spirit of the brand and the modernism and elegance of the merge of the Eastern and Western culture. Besides, on the packaging of the products, it continues with the brand characteristics which includes both the Eastern and Western style. Transparent tubes are used in the packaging to show the colorful tea makers. Black color is used on the display case to present the feeling of urbanism and modernism.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Visual
  • Packaging