Roy’s Caffé 品牌包裝識別設計

Roy’s Caffé品牌定位在提供客製化、專業的咖啡與服務,其經營模式有別於一般的咖啡廳,除了販售優質的咖啡豆、飲品與咖啡器具,店內飲用採會員制,只有Roy’s的會員才能於店內享用Roy’s 專業烘焙、沖泡的高品質咖啡與專屬服務。

因消費族群多為高階主管、品味人士,所以我們以”品味認證” 為設計概念,賦予品牌尊貴、專業、古典、信賴的特性,視覺上將咖啡樹圖騰結合皇家盾牌的型態,圍繞品牌字首”R”展現大器的莊園氣息,搭配尊貴的銘黃以及紫色為標準色,整體識別設計傳達Roy’s Caffé希望呈現出的專屬感以及咖啡權威感,用以呼應僅會員才能蒞臨的經營模式下,所提供的客製化咖啡專業服務。

The Roy’s Caffe brand is oriented on customized, professional coffee making and services. Its business model is distinguished from others, in that besides selling quality coffee beans, drinks and coffee utensils, it takes a membership approach to serve only the members to enjoy in the coffee shop Roy’s excellent baking and brewing skills for high quality coffee and dedicated services.

The design attaches to the concept of “Taste Authentication”, and so the logo uses a totem of coffee fruits and leaves, decorated with a royal shield, and the capital letter of “R” for royal symbolizes the royal prestige on the coffee and taste authentication. The serif standard font text in noble golden and purple colors exudes majestic atmosphere of manors.

To present Roy’s Caffe professionalism without losing service essences, the chrome yellow is used as an auxiliary color applied to the product packaging and store decoration, so that the members only coffee shop can cast out a warm and bright brand image.

What we did

  • 品牌診斷
  • 品牌命名
  • 品牌形象塑造
  • 品牌識別設計
  • 包裝設計