Taipei Summer Universiade 2017台北世大運





To promote the Taipei 2017 Universiade, IDEOSO built 6 stadium simulation scenarios inside the passenger train cars of the Taipei Metro with a design concept – “Bringing sport closer to your daily life.” The 6 stadium simulation scenarios are places like the basketball court, baseball field, soccer stadium, swimming pool, athletics running track and javelin throw track where people can experience the atmosphere felt in matches as if they were in a match field.
After relocating these scenarios based on the proportion, IDEOSO successfully breaks through the limitation of a restricted field inside the train cabins , and creates that sense of space for outdoor activities within a confined space. It allows different types of the 6 match fields to stand out, featuring unique styles, respectively, and the passengers can experience the strong feelings every time they go on board the train. Some knowledge of the sports event is printed on the train hangers inside the passenger train cars so that people can understand the rules about the matches as they enjoy watching each stadium simulation scenario. People and foreign candidates do come and share the photos they took from simulation scenarios as if they’d been there for the matches. These sports photo shoots inside the cabin help Taipei Metro and Taipei 2017 Universiade attract lots of international attention through social media platforms.



視覺形象設計 Visual Design /  空間視覺設計 Spatial Design