Gu Wang Foods Co., Ltd is the first corporate in the world to develop “Mushroom satay sauce”, and also the first corporate in Taiwan to produce “pure vegetarian flavorings”. The company stress that their products to be natural, healthy, and delicious. It’s been 60 years since it was established. Gu Wang Foods Co., Ltd wishes to reform the brand of Gu Wang in its 60th anniversary. By using the new logo which shows new look, it wishes to secure the old customers, meanwhile getting new customers.

The core of Gu Wang Foods Co., Ltd is healthy organic vegetables. We maintain the initial specialty of the brand, and complete the image of the brand by adding visual supporting graphics. On the logo of the brand, we mix the shape of mushroom and specialty of sauces with the sincerity, naturality, classicality, and hospitality of Gu Wang Foods Co., Ltd to reform the image of Gu Wang. The slogan of the brand “The awake of vegetarian food”  and the idea of Gu Wang chime in with each other; The design of the logo of the bottle goes on with the Eastern design of flowers and grasses and makes use of elegant match colors to show the charm of maturity.




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品牌故事 Brand Story

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